Discover the Exciting Starfield Mantis Side Quest

Are you ready for an adventure in the vast universe of Starfield? Look no further than the Mantis side quest, a hidden gem that has captivated early access players and offers incredible rewards. This quest is the equivalent of Batman in the Starfield RPG game, complete with a thrilling narrative and stellar loot.

To embark on this quest, keep an eye out for dead Spacers and loot them. There's a chance that one of them will drop the “Secret Outpost!” datapad, which will lead you to Denebola I-B for some amazing loot. It's recommended to undertake this quest when you reach level 15 or above to fully enjoy the experience.

Now, let's dive into the quest itself. You'll not only receive powerful Starfield armor but also a magnificent Starfield spaceship upon completion. The quest revolves around the secret outpost of the Mantis, a space superhero dedicated to fighting the Crimson Fleet and criminal gangs, ensuring the safety of the galaxy.

What makes this quest truly special is the unmistakable Bethesda charm. It's evident that someone at Bethesda Game Studios is a fan of Batman, as you'll find yourself exploring a Batcave-like setting. Prepare to encounter sentry robots, traps, and fellow adventurers searching for the loot. The quest also unveils a touching story of a mother passing her legacy to her son, with unforeseen consequences.

After overcoming the challenges posed by the Spacers and robots, you'll be rewarded with the Razorleaf spaceship, along with the Mantis spacesuit, helmet, and boost pack. While the spacesuit may not resemble Batman's attire, the crime-fighting spirit and the secret cave base evoke The Dark Knight. Additionally, each piece of the spacesuit provides three extra bonuses, such as increased carrying capacity and the ability to turn invisible like a Fallout stealth boy when crouched and motionless.

If quests like the Mantis side quest are scattered throughout Starfield, players will be in for a treat. The game's vastness leaves room for hidden adventures and thrilling stories. However, it's important to note that not all quests offer the same level of discovery. For instance, a recent quest involving electrical breakers in New Atlantis didn't quite deliver the sense of exploration I was hoping for.

With Starfield's early access now available, we've compiled a range of to help you navigate the Settled Systems. Whether you're looking for information on companions or the best builds for your playstyle, our guides have got you covered. And if you're hungry for more, our Starfield Database offers daily , searchable databanks, and interactive tools to enhance your Starfield experience.

Embark on the Mantis side quest and uncover the secrets of the Starfield universe. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure filled with intriguing narratives, thrilling rewards, and the chance to become a space-faring hero.

Can I undertake the Mantis side quest right from the start of the game?

No, it is recommended to reach level 15 or above before taking on the quest to fully enjoy the experience and tackle the challenges.

Are there any other quests similar to the Mantis side quest in Starfield?

While the game is expansive and filled with possibilities, the presence of quests like the Mantis side quest is a matter of chance. However, if they exist, they promise exciting adventures and great rewards.

Can I customize the Razorleaf spaceship and Mantis spacesuit?

As of now, customization options for the Razorleaf spaceship and Mantis spacesuit are not available. However, additional updates may introduce customization features in the future.

How do I find the “Secret Outpost!” datapad?

To obtain the “Secret Outpost!” datapad, loot dead Spacers you come across. Keep searching until you find the datapad, which will provide instructions on how to reach the secret outpost.

Can I replay the Mantis side quest after completing it?

At this time, Starfield does not offer the ability to replay quests. Once you've completed the Mantis side quest, you can cherish the memories and the rewards it provided.

Embark on the Mantis side quest in Starfield and immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure that combines exploration, storytelling, and fantastic rewards.

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