League of Legends Wild Rift Game Director Jared Berbach Departs Riot Games

In a recent announcement, Jared Berbach, the game director of League of Legends Wild Rift, revealed that he is no longer with Riot Games. Berbach explained that his departure was due to a “reduction in force” by the company. Despite this, he expressed gratitude towards his colleagues and commended Riot Games’ dedication to being the most player-focused game company in the world.

Embarking on a New Chapter

After nearly four years at Riot Games, Berbach shared on LinkedIn that it is time for him to pursue the next phase of his career. He acknowledged that the news of his departure may be unsettling, considering the widespread impact on the gaming industry in 2023. However, he remains optimistic about the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in his quest to create exceptional gaming experiences for players.

A Notable Journey with Riot Games

Berbach reflected on his time at Riot Games, highlighting his involvement in the launch of Valorant, a competitive shooter game that rivals CSGO and Overwatch 2. He also mentioned his experience working with the League of Legends team before becoming the game director for Wild Rift.

Jared Berbach

Appreciation for Colleagues and Player Focus

Berbach expressed his appreciation for his Riot Games coworkers, acknowledging the privilege of working alongside industry giants. He admired their knowledge and their commitment to delivering value to players, emphasizing Riot Games’ relentless focus on player satisfaction.

Impact on Wild Rift

With Berbach’s departure, Wild Rift may face some setbacks, especially considering the departure of several staff members from the project in 2023. Riot Games’ decision to suspend western esports tournaments for the spin-off game in November 2022 also contributed to staff departures. Additionally, the company’s layoffs in January resulted in 46 employees leaving the developer.

Exciting Updates for League of Legends

For players of the main League of Legends game, there is good news. Some of the best Wild Rift skins will be made available in League of Legends proper. Stay on top of the latest meta by checking out our League of Legends tier list.

Jared Berbach’s departure from Riot Games marks the end of an era for League of Legends Wild Rift. Despite the challenges, Berbach remains optimistic about his future endeavors. Meanwhile, Riot Games continues its commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences to players.

Why did Jared Berbach leave Riot Games?

Jared Berbach left Riot Games due to a “reduction in force” by the company.

What games did Jared Berbach work on during his time at Riot Games?

Jared Berbach was involved in the launch of Valorant and worked with the League of Legends team before becoming the game director for Wild Rift.

How has Jared Berbach praised Riot Games?

Jared Berbach praised Riot Games for its relentless focus on delivering value to players and its dedication to being the most player-focused game company in the world.

What impact will Jared Berbach’s departure have on Wild Rift?

Jared Berbach’s departure, along with other staff departures and the suspension of western esports tournaments for Wild Rift, may pose challenges for the game.

What updates can League of Legends players expect?

League of Legends players can look forward to the introduction of some of the best Wild Rift skins in the main game.

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