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Valve has extended the beta test for Counter-Strike 2, allowing more players to participate ahead of the full release. However, some players are experiencing frustration with sudden deaths after retreating behind cover. This issue may be related to interpolation settings, which synchronize actions between players with different connection speeds. By adjusting the cl_interp and cl_updaterate values in the game files, players may be able to mitigate the problem. These values can be changed to 0.015625 or 0.03125 for cl_interp and 128 for cl_updaterate. It is important to note that these values will reset when the game is closed and reopened, but by adding specific commands to the program files, the changes can be maintained. This fix has been used for Team Fortress 2 and has had mixed results for CSGO players. However, it may be worth trying for those struggling with being killed around corners in Counter-Strike 2.

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