Samsung’s Next Mid-Range Exynos Chipsets Could Feature AMD Graphics Processors

Samsung is rumored to be considering using Exynos chipsets powered by AMD GPUs for its upcoming mid-range lineup. This partnership between the South Korean phone manufacturer and AMD began in 2019, and now the Galaxy S22 series is set to feature AMD’s mRDNA 2 architecture in mobile devices for the first time.

According to a post by Revegnus on X (formerly Twitter), the Exynos 1480 and Exynos 1430 chipsets are expected to power Samsung’s 2024 mid-range lineup and will focus more on Image Signal Processing (ISP) rather than gaming performance. This aligns with a recent report by SamMobile, which suggests that the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A15 smartphones will debut with the Exynos 1480 and Exynos 1430 chipsets.

While these upcoming chipsets may offer less performance compared to last year’s Exynos 2200, AMD is expected to disable ray tracing to reduce costs. Currently, mid-range Exynos chipsets are powered by ARM Mali GPUs, but if Samsung chooses to go with AMD, we can anticipate a noticeable performance improvement.

It’s important to note that GPUs are not only crucial for gaming but also play a significant role in camera and display-related hardware. They are also utilized for machine learning and image upscaling.

Although Samsung has recently opted for the latest Qualcomm chipset – Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 – for its flagship lineup, there is a possibility that the company will switch back to the Exynos processor with AMD GPUs based on the mRDNA architecture for the upcoming Galaxy S24 series.

In conclusion, Samsung’s partnership with AMD continues to evolve, and the use of AMD GPUs in the Exynos chipsets for their mid-range lineup is a promising development. This collaboration has the potential to enhance performance in various areas, including image processing and overall device capabilities.

What is the significance of using AMD GPUs in Samsung’s mid-range lineup?

By using AMD GPUs, Samsung can potentially improve performance in areas such as image processing, gaming, and overall device capabilities.

Will the upcoming Exynos chipsets be more focused on gaming or Image Signal Processing (ISP)?

According to reports, the upcoming chipsets are expected to prioritize Image Signal Processing (ISP) over gaming performance.

How will the performance of the mid-range Exynos chipsets compare to last year’s Exynos 2200?

The mid-range Exynos chipsets may offer slightly lower performance compared to last year’s Exynos 2200, but the use of AMD GPUs could result in a noticeable performance improvement.

What other applications are GPUs used for besides gaming?

GPUs are also crucial for camera and display-related hardware, machine learning, and image upscaling.

Will Samsung switch back to Exynos processors with AMD GPUs for the Galaxy S24 series?

While it is not confirmed, there is a possibility that Samsung will switch back to the Exynos processor with AMD GPUs for the upcoming Galaxy S24 series.

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