Steam’s Upcoming Survival Game: A Perfect Blend of Rimworld and Mount and Blade

Bellwright is an upcoming survival game that PCGamesN had the opportunity to experience at Gamescom 2023. With clear inspirations from popular games like Mount and Blade, Medieval Dynasty, and Rimworld, Bellwright has the potential to be an outstanding Steam Early Access launch. Let’s dive into our impressions and what the team at Donkey Crew had to say about this exciting game.

An Open-World Sandbox Medieval Village

During Gamescom 2023, we had the chance to learn all about Bellwright. We witnessed live gameplay and had a chat with Donkey Crew CEO and creative lead, Florian Hofreither. He described Bellwright as an open-world sandbox game where players gradually build up a medieval village, defend it against raiders, recruit skilled townsfolk, and embark on a main quest centered around revolution. What’s interesting is that players have the freedom to ignore the main quest if they wish.

Inspired by the Best

When asked about the inspirations behind Bellwright, Hofreither mentioned some noteworthy games. The management aspect of Rimworld influenced the team’s approach to the game. Additionally, they drew inspiration from Medieval Dynasty’s building mechanics and incorporated some combat elements from Mount and Blade. Another game that played a role in shaping Bellwright’s development was Subnautica, with its focus on survival and its ability to make the genre more accessible.

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Impressive NPC and Building Mechanics

What stood out to us during our Bellwright preview was the intricate NPC and building mechanics. Constructing large structures, such as watchtowers, requires careful planning and consideration. Donkey Crew realized that fast construction would eliminate decision-making, so they designed the game to require time, manpower, and resources. Players must decide in advance if a structure is worth the investment or plan ahead to ensure completion.

Diverse Professions for Survival

In Bellwright, each NPC can take on multiple jobs, each contributing to specific tasks within the settlement. For example, lumberjacks can assist in moving logs for building and breaking them down. It is crucial to recruit a diverse mix of professions to ensure the survival and prosperity of your village.

Steam Early Access Release and Beyond

If Bellwright has captured your interest, you can already wishlist it on Steam. Donkey Crew has informed PCGamesN that the Steam Early Access release is tentatively scheduled for December 2023, though it may spill over into 2024. While you wait for the release, you can explore other open-world and RPG games on PC to keep yourself entertained.

Bellwright is an upcoming survival game that combines the best elements from popular titles like Mount and Blade, Medieval Dynasty, and Rimworld. With its open-world sandbox experience, players can gradually build up a medieval village and defend it against raiders. The game offers a main quest focused on revolution, but players also have the freedom to ignore it and explore other aspects of the game. Bellwright’s impressive NPC and building mechanics, along with its diverse professions, add depth and complexity to the gameplay. Keep an eye out for its Steam Early Access release in December 2023.

When will Bellwright be available on Steam?

The Steam Early Access release of Bellwright is expected in December 2023, although it may extend into 2024.

Can I ignore the main quest in Bellwright?

Absolutely! Bellwright offers the freedom to ignore the main quest and focus on other aspects of the game, such as building and survival.

What inspired the development of Bellwright?

Bellwright drew inspiration from games like Rimworld, Medieval Dynasty, Mount and Blade, and Subnautica. Each of these games influenced different aspects of Bellwright’s mechanics and gameplay.

How important are diverse professions in Bellwright?

Having a diverse mix of professions is crucial in Bellwright. Each NPC can take on multiple jobs, and their skills contribute to specific tasks within your settlement.

What sets Bellwright apart from other survival games?

Bellwright stands out with its intricate NPC and building mechanics, as well as its blend of different genres. The game offers a unique combination of management, building, and combat elements, creating a captivating and immersive survival experience.

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