The Most Downloaded Mod for Starfield: Upscaler Mod

Are you eagerly awaiting the release of Starfield? Well, you're not alone. With the highly anticipated Bethesda RPG game just around the corner, modders are already hard at work creating exciting and useful mods to enhance your experience. Among these mods, one clear frontrunner has emerged as the most downloaded mod for Starfield – the Upscaler mod.

Fixing Starfield’s Contentious Launch Issue

One of the biggest concerns surrounding the launch of Starfield was the absence of Nvidia DLSS support. This , known for its AI upscaling capabilities, can significantly improve the game's visuals without compromising your PC's performance. However, Starfield only supports AMD's version of this technology. Fortunately, the Upscaler mod developed by ‘PureDark' addresses this issue and allows non-AMD graphics card users to access DLSS.

Replacing AMD’s FSR2 AI Upscaling Support

The Upscaler mod provides an alternative to AMD's FSR2 AI upscaling support. Depending on your graphics card, you can choose to replace it with either Nvidia DLSS or Intel XeSS. It's important to note that the mod only supports DLSS 2, not DLSS 3. Nevertheless, for Nvidia users, having DLSS is undoubtedly better than having no upscaling technology at all. However, modder PureDark advises that XeSS may not outperform AMD's FSR2 in certain scenarios.

Customizable Options and Enhanced Visuals

When using the Upscaler mod, you have several options to enhance your gaming experience. You can adjust auto exposure, sharpen the image, and choose from different presets before selecting either XeSS or DLSS. This level of customization allows you to tailor the visuals to your preferences and create an immersive gameplay experience.

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How do I download and install the Upscaler mod for Starfield?

To download and install the Upscaler mod for Starfield, follow these steps:

  • Visit the mod page on NexusMods
  • Click on the “Download” button
  • Extract the downloaded files
  • Copy the mod files to the appropriate Starfield game directory
  • Launch the game and enable the mod in the game's mod manager

Can I use the Upscaler mod with any graphics card?

No, the Upscaler mod is specifically designed for non-AMD graphics cards. It allows users with Nvidia or Intel graphics cards to access DLSS or XeSS upscaling technology, respectively.

Is the Upscaler mod compatible with other Starfield mods?

In most cases, the Upscaler mod should be compatible with other Starfield mods. However, it's always recommended to check the mod descriptions and user feedback to ensure compatibility and avoid any conflicts.

Will using the Upscaler mod affect my game’s performance?

While the Upscaler mod improves visual quality through upscaling technology, it may have a slight impact on your PC's performance. However, the trade-off is often worth it for the enhanced graphics and immersive gameplay experience.

Are there any future updates planned for the Upscaler mod?

The modder behind the Upscaler mod, PureDark, has expressed their commitment to continuously improving and updating the mod. Be sure to check the mod page regularly for any new updates or features.

In conclusion, the Upscaler mod has quickly become the most downloaded mod for Starfield. By addressing the lack of Nvidia DLSS support, this mod offers non-AMD graphics card users the opportunity to enhance their gaming visuals. With customizable options and improved performance, the Upscaler mod is a must-have for any Starfield player. So, get ready to elevate your gaming experience and explore the vast universe of Starfield like never before.

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