Valorant Premier: Opening Doors for Indian Gamers to Join Global Esports Leagues

Riot Games has announced a new competitive game mode called ‘Valorant Premier’ that will allow Indian gamers to qualify for the company’s international esports league, VCT Challenger. The mode, which is a first-person 5v5 tactical shooter, aims to connect the game and the sport by letting players create their own teams and compete against each other. Interested players can sign up for Valorant Premier between August 29 and September 6. The mode will debut with the game’s Episode 7 Act II and will introduce new official divisions and expand the range of weekly matches. The goal is to provide a path for teams to make it to a playoff tournament and ultimately to the VCT Challenger leagues. India is one of the top countries in the APAC region in terms of the number of Valorant players and esports viewership, according to Jake Sin, the head of Valorant Esports APAC. With the introduction of Valorant Premier in India, Riot Games aims to tap into the country’s huge esports potential and provide talented Indian players with an opportunity to gain recognition on the world stage.

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