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WhatsApp Plus Apk It can be used on computers as well as mobile phones. 
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What is Whatsapp Plus? Whatsapp is an application that almost everyone who has a smart mobile phone uses for both private and business purposes. WhatsApp Plus Apk It can be used on computers as well as mobile phones.

Now there is a new version of this application, which is Whatsapp Plus application. The word Plus is an English word and can be translated into Turkish as extra-more, which is a Whatsapp application with extra features that are not available on normal Whatsapp.

In order to use this application, the person must first completely delete the Whatsapp application on their device. But before the application is completely removed, it is important to backup the application to different platforms to avoid loss of information. After the application is reinstalled, its features are immediately noticeable. It does not take up too much space in the device and can be used comfortably. Whatsapp plus apk is completely free, you can download new versions by visiting our page when the update comes out.

Whatsapp Plus Basic Features;

  • You can lock the chats you have made and for this you can pin lock the conversation you want.
  • It has a structure that keeps log records for exactly 24 hours.
  • In this very special application, you can easily see who viewed your profile and when.
  • As a theme, it has much more themes than a regular Whatsapp application. You can download the theme you want and apply it comfortably.
  • It has a structure that allows language translation in your chats. Language options such as English, Turkish and Azerbaijani are available.
  • It is possible to send 1 GB video and an infinite number of photos and pictures.
  • You can appear offline even while online.
  • You can try the yowhatsapp application, which has advanced features and modded whatsapp class, who have problems or want innovation in Whatsapp plus.

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version 2021, which you can choose to use more features in WhatsApp, make changes on the application more easily and reach different details you want, replaces normal WhatsApp.

To install the application, you are first asked to delete the regular WhatsApp application. Before doing this, you should save your data in various places, both Drive and local disk. After that, you can start using all the new features by installing the WhatsApp Plus application on your phone. If you haven’t turned off various settings that will prevent APK installation from your phone’s settings, don’t forget to turn them off as well. Here are all the features of the application:

WhatsApp Plus Apk

whatsapp plus apk download

Privacy : You can hide everything like blue ticks, 2nd ticks, typing, recording, blue microphone and so on. Who Viewed My Profile? : Thanks to Whatsapp Plus, you can easily see who viewed your profile. See the “Guides” section for detailed information. Themes: With Whatsapp Plus, you can download a theme from the theme store or make a theme according to your own taste. There are also many customizable settings such as bubble and tick style.

Log Record: It records things that happen for 24 hours. Augmented Media: You can send 1GB video and unlimited pictures with augmented media. Language Option: Turkish, Azerbaijani and English language options are available. Language translation is also available in chats. Offline Mode: With Offline Mode, you will appear offline even if you are on whatsapp.
Continuous Online Mode: When you exit Whatsapp with Continuous Online Mode (it needs to be open in the background), you will appear online for 15 minutes. Chat Lock : You can put a pin lock on your chats.

More: There are dozens of more features waiting for you. No joke, really. With WhatsApp Plus 2020, you can optimize your messaging experience and have the best experience by adding various new features to your own messaging app.

WhatsApp Plus Apkpure

WhatsApp Plus Apkpure is among the applications that can be installed on phones with APK installation. To download the application, you must first press the download button on the left. Then you will see that the download starts automatically. If the download does not start, you can click on the warning sentence.

Once the download is complete, as soon as you touch the downloaded file, the installation process will begin. If you see the sentence “No installation from external sources” on your phone, you should turn on the option to install from other sources in Settings. After turning on this feature, click on the downloaded file again and perform the installation.


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